Older, bolder, mental disorder.

I'd lie if I say I don't care. But I have to, alas there's no other option left. I took an oath this would be the first and the last time and I don't want to burst to tears every second, every minute, every moment in life remembering something stupid, something which is beyond of my stupidity. For now, I'm gonna act cold & heartless. Don't blame me. But I'm not ready to take responsibilities. I'm not ready to go through 'that kind' of life. I'm not ready for that at this age. Trust me. I'm not that strong. And obviously we all got fucked up by the situation, tired & lost. 
The early year of 2012 has been the hardest for me. Though it should have been the greatest one. But trust me when I say THINGS GONNA BE ALRIGHT. Mark my words. This is a promise to you Adrin x