Hello everyone. So this is the first post for 2012. Sorry for abandoning you dear diary, my apologies. So anyway, school started recently and even though it only has been 3 days, I already feel so fucked up and tired and just cannot be bothered with it anymore. But I have been trying to stick to my resolutions. 

So hi everyone, how's life been treating you? I hope you're doing great as I am. I've been lacking of time to keep up with life and I am very sorry for that and not to mention its not 2011 anymore. I need to concentrate and focus on my studies, family and the one that I love. 
Recently, I've been away from my regular circles as I'm busy with some new friends. It is quite interesting as I am observing a friend of mine who's pretty much lifeless and have no soul. I've never seen someone who's just laying there on the bed with her iPod on all the time, with the same song playing all over again. I do not understand and I don't want to ask what is wrong with her cause obviously there is so much problems going on there and not to mention the smell of her's. She doesn't do anything much and I barely sees her wake up from her bed.. I've never met such pathetic soul with no life taken and I'm not shocked if someday people will found her laying there 'dead'.