I am lost in my own world. I cant recall where have I been for the past weeks/months. I left everything behind due to some reason that I don't even know what it is. Life is pretty much devastating and I am trying my best to keep on standing. I am living in a dead world, I am frozen in my time, I am pale white ice cold as I never go out from this place and mingle with friends. I am lost, I am suffering. I can't manage to have the time to go on social network and post about my days and I am still in the moment where I need to steal some time to do things in life. For now, I am something that requires nothing. I dont eat much, I dont drink much, I dont do much. I'm pretty much aware that my life has been cursed. I am sorry for abandoning everyone, friends & family. I'll be back as soon as my illness is cured. xx