So called "war world II"

Yesterday there was a fight at Mama's boutique. And the whole family came rushing in yelling and shouting. Of course me and my friends weren't involved but we were just sitting there, literally laughing at them because the way everyone started storming in was hilarious. Okay, I realize no one is interested but I don't care. I've learnt quite a lot of things this week; I learnt not to care so much anymore, which is good thing for me. I also learnt the word misanthropist you see. And I realized that I am indeed one, a misanthropist.

I suppose I should explain what it means. Misanthrope means someone who dislike people in general. I'm not lying, you can google it if you want to. I'm not trying to say here that I 'hate' people. I just generally dislike them. It's bad, I know but I just can't help having all these different thoughts in mu head. I have bad thoughts about people, I do and I'm sorry. X