Love escape

"What hurts the most is not losing someone that you love. It's losing yourself to the one that you love"

If someone can give me love, can promise me a love, I swear to that person, I would give it my all and my best to love him the same way as he does; I will try my best at everything and if you can promise me a love like that, I'll promise you that I would do the same.
     Lately, I've been thinking. Just to be clear who am I to you. I seemed quite lost in the moment. I've been feeling unsatisfied during my sleeping hours. Nevertheless my "sleeping hours" meant late. I woke up and felt tiresome due to some twisted dreams I'm having. "Unicorns with wings or a bucket of gold at the end of a rainbow" Its always been the ones with unanswered questions. When I try to fall asleep. I end up thinking about endless thoughts playing on my mind. Questions that need to be answered. I even wandered alone during the evening, sitting there at the corner just to think. Think about someone, think about something, think about some unnecessary things that I shouldn't be thinking about. I am desperate. I just need to feel loved. Alas, I know all of this is just a fairytale. "A walk through the beach? Having a candle light dinner? Having you in my arms?" All of this is just a wishful thinking. To gain happiness yo have to embrace the fact that whenever you're alone you don't have to suffer, you just have to deal with it. 

I miss Adrin so much. Can someone tell him that for me please? I really miss him. Just let him know that I've loved him for as long as we've known each other and that haven't changed one bit. Just someone let him know that and I'd be eternally grateful and happy.