A lesson for a stranger.

I might be a bitch who runs with her thorns & claws. I might not be a typical girl & I can't justify myself with words. I am weird and I can be really annoying sometimes. I love to troll strangers due to what had happened to me last year. I easily let people in my life and simply let em go. Because I learned from what had happened to me in the past and I'm not going to trust people just like that. And that is what I am doing now. I won't let people to trust me either. Cause that is just how I roll. I can be that girl who laugh, crack jokes, and the one to have a fights with. And if I'm starting to like you, I'll easily let you know how vulnerable I am and how emo I can get.. You will not find me as a cheerful person when I'm around people. But I can be that girl you'd love to be with. I fell so many times, and this is the moment where I rise. Where I learn to be myself and where I'm not afraid to troll people. I might lie, but if I say its true. I mean it.. I don't come with a "delete history, backspace, esc" button. So you just have to deal with it.. And I can be so cold & heartless sometimes. Learn to know me, cause I can assure you it will be interesting. But if you can't. You can leave. X