To the person I love.

It's sad being a bad luck to everyone, especially to the person that you love with all your heart. I've failed in so many ways and the only thing that I can say now is "Honey, you deserve better." You are the most remarkable person I ever met, the way you talk, the way you representing yourself, the way you rule this world like nobody else is just amazing. I might think that I know you well, but no one knows you better than yourself. You are the captain of your own aeroplane. Don't allow one person to tear you down or ruin your day, don't let the person you despise hurt you. You deserve better, you don't deserve to be treated this way, you don't deserve to wait for the wrong person, you don't deserve to give all your love to a moron like me. Holding on is being brave, but sometimes moving on makes you stronger. I hope when the right person arrives your whole changes up to be brighter than it will ever be.