Loving you, forever & always.

I'm falling for him over and over again. Just a thought that if we're in God's hand. We are on a safe track. May God bless us with our relationship and make me to have faith in love again. I may not be religious but I prayed for that. For "happy ending" the one that people claimed that it's real; Prince charming, live happily ever after, shits. craps. and etc.
Let the moment take us, just move freely like there's no string attached here and there. Just "Go with the flow". I am still me, but by having someone to share our moments together with is priceless. I let him easily came into my life and currently it's hard to let him go. He brings out the best in me and to put it in a sentence "He's just another blessing". 
It's quite daft if you ask me because last year I have swore to myself never to fall in love with anyone. In a way, it's a good thing because miraculously enough I am still able to feel 'love' or whatever towards a person again. Ugh, listen to me. I sounded like a lovesick puppy which is quite annoying. I'm sure it must be really annoying to my friends because I constantly talk about him. 
So my pathetic love life aside, x